Scarab Finger Ring



Steatite scarab seal mounted on original bronze shank as a finger ring. The scarab itself is decorated on one side with details of the wings, head and legs. The other side is inscribed with hieroglyphs including a raised cobra, a 'nb' sign and a representation of Thoth as a baboon. It is pierced through the length for mounting on a ring. The bronze ring itself is broken in two parts. One part is still attached to the seal through the hole, and the other part is kept separately. The ring is corroded. Measurements above correspond to the seal only. Together with the ring, the entire object measures roughly 30mm in length. From the Egypt Exploration Society 1926 excavations at Abydos grave 617: a disturbed burial containing "a muddle of bones of five people". Given to the East Anglia Egyptian Society in return for their subscription. CONDITION NOTE 1998: Highly corroded, surface dirt, worn.