Scarab Seal card

Courtesy of National Museums Liverpool, World Museum

Scarab Seal


On display


Scarab shaped seal carved from steatite originally glazed green which has now gone to dark brown. Carved inscription on the base which may read: "Favoured of Khonsu, Thoth and Maat" or "Favoured of Khonsu and Maat". Khonsu is written out in hieroglyphs at the top. Below is a baboon which may represent Thoth, although Khonsu was also a lunar deity and he is sometimes represented by a baboon. Facing the baboon is a hes vase, representing praise/favour, and a feather, representing Maat. The neb basket sign at the bottom is probably a filler character. Good technique. Slightly chipped on the back. Pierced through the length for suspension. There is the remains of a metal ring within the threading hole. Hand copy of the inscription on the Newberry-Peet record card.