The School for the Blind Liverpool application form



ID: An application form for the Royal School for the Blind, Wavertree branch for children. It has handwritten responses to a series of questions, including: " "What is the name of the applicant?": Caroline France "When and where was the applicant born?" April 24th 1905 "To what religious denomination does the applicant belong?": Church of England "Is the applicant truthful, honest and well-conducted?": Yes "Can the applicant dress, wash and feed herself?": Yes From the age of 13 Caroline France attended the School for the Blind Children’s Branch in Wavertree, Liverpool 15. She had previously attended Chatsworth Street School near her home in Edge Hill. This is the application form, dated 1918, for her to attend the school. It states that her parents George and Sarah “would undertake to receive the applicant during the holidays”. Caroline was admitted 29 November 1918.