Sculpture; Architectural fragment. Liver Bird plaque from Liverpool Sailors' Home



A large sandstone oval plaque with the relief carving of a 'Liver Bird'. A copy of this stone can be seen in the memorial park on the site of St Thomas Church on Park Lane at the end of Paradise Street. This stone was originally the central feature of a elaboratedly decorated stone pediment above the main doorway, and famous gates, of the Liverpool Sailors' Home. The gates can now be seen on Paradise Street, outside the John Lewis store. The Sailors' Home, was built to provide a temporary place to stay for sailors whilst in port in Liverpool. The pediment was decorated with maritime-themed features such as rope carving, drums and ships wheels. The sailors home was also famous for the cast iron mermaid railings, some of which can be seen on display in the People's Republic gallery in the Museum of Liverpool. The Sailors' Home opened in 1850 and closed in 1969. It was demolished in 1974 but the architectural fragments remained on site. This, and other decorative pieces, were found during investigations on the site of the Liverpool Sailors' Home site near Thomas Steers Way, in advance of building works for the Liverpool One Shopping Centre.