Sculpture of Iufbaku



Sculpture of Iufbaku, administrator of the chamber of Amun, holding holding a stela before him on which is a figure of the goddess Hathor standing, and facing her is a standing figure of Queen Nefertari, the patron goddes of the Theban necropolis: above is are two columns of hieroglyphic inscription. Below this scene Iufbaku and his father, Amenhotep, are shown kneeling and facing one another, with their names written in the two vertical lines of inscription. An inscription is carved on the sides of the pedestal The statuette itself is coloured (partly touched up in recent times) wig and eyes hands black, limbs and head red. From the 19th Dynasty. Destroyed in the Second World War. There is a hand-copy of the inscription made by Professor Percy Newberry on the catalogue card. There is also a crude sketch in the record file M13504.