Seafaring career papers of Captain H. Headley.



Career papers of Captain H. Headley, 1900 - 1967, employee of Ellerman and Bucknall Steamship Company and Suez Canal Pilot. Several photos of the Statendom, the Augustus, and the Columbus ships at Port Said outer harbour in Egypt solo pics and also group photos, Photos of Empress of Britain at Port Said in 1933 - captioned "1st world Cruise", photos of Johan de Witt in Port said about 1930, photos of the Aquitania, Empress of Australia, the Olympic, Hardi in Port Said. One photo captioned as "probably Nankin or Novara", photo of 3 men on a ship deck captioned "H.W.H and crew", photo captioned "Pilot Cutter Vigilant coming alongside for entry to Port Said", photo of Egyptian police waiting for Prince of Wales' arrival, photo of Canal company house in Port Twefik being built in 1936, photo of H.W.H and 1st mate, photo of the Blue Tunnel Diomed, photo of the alexandria 1926, photo of the Empress of Japan on it's maiden voyage at Port Said 18th July 1930, post card from Egypt with picture of Suez Canal, photo of Boulac Tender, photo of Eleni Jeddah Anchorage 1926 or 1927, more photos of port Tewfik, photo of Dry Dock at Kilometre 64, photo of two crew members in Cape Town in 1920s or 1930s, postcards of the Empress of Britain, SS Iberia, MV Staffordshire, and the SS Halladale, as well as various tourist photos. Papers regarding Mr H. W. Hedley: certificate of service aboard SS Griqua, SS Kosmo, and SS City of Harvard between 1915 and 1924, certificate of completion of apprenticeship for Ellerman & Bucknall Steamship Co., scan of Apprentice's indenture certificate from 1915, SS Kosmo abstract of log 1924, translation of letter 9 February 1993 from Suzanne Davreux nee de Neve (President of the Association Timsah) to John Hulse (President of the British Association of Suez Canal Pilots), draft outline for a projected BBC series in 1981 of the reminiscences of former Suez Canal Pilots and their wives & families, scan and translation of letter from Director and Company Director of Compagnie Financiere de Suez et de l'Union Parisienne reporting Mr H. W. Hedley with condolences 4 July 1967, scan of abstract of ships log for SS Colombo 1924. Photos of ships: Orduna in Egypt 1947, Renown 1937 with Prince of Wales on board, Harold William aboard the Boulac Nov 1926 in Suez Bay, Admiralty House in Port Said Harbour the Royal Navy HQ, 1880s-1890s image of the view of Port Said Harbour, Suez Canal Company offices, Port Said Harbour, 1930 Empress of Japan maiden voyage, Swing bridge at El Ferdan Post war Railway bridge, photo of BI Erinpura 1919. 41 photographs of various ships and trains in black and white. Memoir of Gwendolyn Hedley, wife of Mr H. W. Hedley entitled "A Suez Saga". 22 of Hedley's notebooks dating between 1929-1953 recording various instructions and logs from time aboard ships. Two SS City of Harvard School of Engineering & Navigation navigation workbooks/logbooks 1922, 2 Ship contruction workbooks. Hedley's discharge book No. 1012403. 24 images of various structures and ships in Ismailia. Navigation and Nautical Astronomy logbook/workbook 1923-1925. Memoirs of his wife Gwendoline Headley, 1902-1997.