Seafaring career papers of R M Williams, c.1915-1985



Robert Matthew Williams was born in Porthmadog in 1910. During his career he lived in Colwyn Bay and then Liverpool. After serving as third officer on various ships between 1934-1939 he earned his Certificate of Competency in 1939 and subsequently served as Chief Officer on various ships belonging to T & J Harrison Ltd. During his career Williams travelled around the globe including the Netherlands and the West Indies. Both during and after his career as a seaman, Williams invented a number of devices which he attempted to patent. These devices were to be used on ships and include, the Trimometer, the Tidal Dial Clock, the Tidal Stream Clock, and the Roller Square. The collection includes career papers such as various certificates, identity and membership cards, and miscellaneous correspondence. The collection also includes records relating to his inventions, such as descriptive documents and sketches, correspondence, and financial documents. The Maritime Museum curatorial department holds objects relating to Williams, including some of his inventions.