Scarab of red carnelian set in heavy modern gold ring, the shank running into a deep oval bezel with completely obscures the scarab body. Face engraved with a scene in single-line border: male figure kneeling to left behind a deer. Fine details for the deer’s tail and ears, and for the man’s chin. (He must be Hercle/Herakles, since he is wearing the Nemean lionskin – but the pelt is so schematically rendered, with thin, angular tail, and a line at his nape for its head, that the figure almost resembles a satyr.) Hercle raises his right arm above the deer’s head; a thin line connecting them may represent a spear. The style is a very conservative (early) version of the distinctive Etruscan a globolo, alternating spherical segments (head, chest, buttocks, hooves) with fine lines for limbs and details. STOLEN FROM THE HUMANITIES GALLERY IN 1989 - NOT RECOVERED