A Seated Female Figure Holding Flowers in Right hand [Recto]; Crowned Figure Holding a Sceptre [Verso]

WAG 1995.256


William Roscoe believed that the recto drawing was by the sixteenth-century Verona-born artist Giovanni Battista Zelotti (1526-1578), who worked alongside Paolo Veronese and Battista Franco decorating villas and palaces in Venice and the mainland. The attribution to Trotti was first made by the British art historian and former curator of prints and drawings at the British Museum, A E Popham (1883-1970). In 1997 Marco Tanzi suggested that it should be attributed to the circle of Trotti and by the same artist who drew a 'St John the Evangelist' in the Museo Civico in Cremona (inv. no. B.75).