Mummiform shabti made from a tamarisk branch with carved horizontal cuts used to define the salient features. The head is very simply carved. The nose is suggested by two diagonal cuts, and the mouth is indicated by a nearly horizontal cut above the small chin. The eyes are detailed by similar horizontal cuts with incised points towards the ends. A fairly deep horizontal cut enhances the stubby projection used to show the feet. The body of the shabti has a haphazard arrangement of horizontal and vertical columns of inscription with an offering formula that is added in black. Unfortunately the name of the owner is illegible, but the name of the dedicator is Sat–irt. There is a copy of the inscription on the Newberry-Peet catalogue card. Translation of the inscription: An offering which the king gives to Osiris, that he may give everything good and pure for the ka of ??? (by) his mother, his name Sat–irt.