Mummiform shabti of the 19th Dynasty wearing a tripartite wig that is painted blue. The front lappets are quite long, and, rather than being perpendicular to the sides of the face, they splay outwards. The arms are crossed above the waist, and the hands appear to hold a pair of hoes that are added in black, although the one in the left hand is impossible to distinguish. A basket is painted in red on the lower part of the rear lappet of the wig, and extends onto the body below. A broad collar of beads is crudely painted across the chest between the front lappets of the wig. The face has a rather unusual appearance. The chin is large, the eyes are large and are modelled high on the head to give very little forehead. The mouth has thick lips that are a little pinched. The face is painted red, and the eyes are black and white. The body of the figure is painted yellow. The underlying colour of the limestone is evident in several places, most noticeably at the feet. Although without any obvious guidelines, there are four horizontal bands of hieroglyphic inscription that is added in black. Because of wear, any reading is tentative. The area below the folded arms, where the name would normally be found, is heavily worn, and partly covered in a black resinous deposit.