Mummiform shabti wearing a bipartite or duplex wig that has vertical striations on the front lappets that fall down by the sides of the face. The arms are crossed above on the chest, and small hands emerge from a shroud. No implements are carried, and there is no basket on the back. The broad face of the figure is well worked, especially the details of the heavily-lidded eyes. The nose and lips are a little rubbed. The back of the shabti is gently shaped, and so are the feet. It is chipped in places. This shabti is recorded, and published amongst items noted under object group 260 at Esna that were found during the excavations led by John Garstang in 1905-1906. In the first season the work was actually conducted by Garstang’s assistant, Harold Jones, while Garstang himself was working at Hierakonpolis. The second season was also largely directed by Jones while Garstang was working in Nubia.