Mummiform shabti of rather crude form, made of tamarisk branch, that has a coat of white wash (or gesso?), although areas of this are rather worn, especially on the front and back. The head of the figure is crudely carved, the outline of the chin being indicated by a somewhat nibbled line. The nose is suggested by hollowed depressions on each side. Eyes are added in black, as is the mouth that gives the impression that it is open. In profile the shabti has a rather upright pose, with the mid–torso pushing slightly forward, and the head being a little raised. The feet are indicated by a short and stumpy projection. The torso of the figure has three vertical columns of inscription with an offering formula that is added in black. Unfortunately the name of the owner is illegible. Transliteration and translation of the inscription: hTp-[di]-nsw Wsir [nTr aA] nb AbD.w di.[f] prt-xrw t Hnkt [.....] nb (?) wab.t n kA n [.....], "An offering which the king gives to Osiris, … Lord Of Abydos, that he may give a voice offering of bread, beer…. everything pure for the ka of ???"