Shabti card

Courtesy of National Museums Liverpool, World Museum



On display


Mummiform figure with white body, broad collar, long blue wig, painted beard and red skin. Probably a shabti, but could be a model of the deceased. Excavated at Abydos 1906 and through excavation subscription given to Sir Francis Danson. Abydos tomb 8 A'06 contained "small ushabti figures” which is likely to be the source of this shabti. Sir Francis Danson donated the shabti to the Institute of Archaeology of the University of Liverpool. The shabti was placed on display in the Liverpool Free Public Museum (now World Museum) and later donated to the Museum by the University. A new accession number was given in 1967 after the original number had been lost. In 1939 the object was removed from display and an entry appears for it on the evacuation list of objects sent to Mr Shaw, Fron House, Llangollen, Wales: “List No. 1370 Inst. Arch Shawabti - wood. Contents of Vent Case 55/ Pier Case 29.” Pencil mark seems to say 483 (8 being uncertain) or 463 or 488 or 886. Is this a previous accession number of the Institute of Archaeology?