Mummiform wooden shabti wearing a plain tripartite wig painted black although much of the paint has worn away. The arms are presumed to be crossed on the chest or above the waist but these are not modelled. The hands were probably painted on the shabti but overall very little paint remains except for an area that is painted yellow on the chest. There is also a small area showing traces of red paint on a yellow ground, this being all that remains of a basket on the back of the shabti. The face is oval in shape, and has large eyes with brows added in black and white. The tip of the nose and mouth are damaged. The shabti is recorded as coming from Gurob, perhaps from the excavations undertaken by Loat in 1903, or Brunton and Engelbach in 1920. Faintly marked in pencil on the back: GUROB. BC? 900? WMFP [William Matthew Flinders Petrie]. Label on the back reads: "A/ Wooden ushabtiu figure. BC 900. From Gurob".