Shabti Box of Kenen and Tamyt card

Shabti Box of Kenen and Tamyt


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Shabti box inscribed for Kenen, 'Overseer of Followers', of the 20th Dynasty. Kenen is seen with his wife making prayers before Osiris and Isis on one side and Re-Horakhty and Maat on the other. Kenen's wife is called Tamyt and she is described as the 'Lady of the House' [nbt-pr]. The box that was constructed to hold a group of shabti figures is pylon shaped and divided into three sections with three domed lids, rather like a granary. The scenes are painted on a white background and the surfaces are damaged in places. According to Ranke's study of names in ancient Egypt, Kenen [qnn] is frequently attested in the New Kingdom (Ranke vol. 1, p. 335 no. 19).