Shabti Coffin


A wooden coffin for holding stick shabtis with its original lid . The lid is vaulted and has slightly raised ends that have a flat top; the underside is not hollowed out. The lid is attached to the base using small dowels, one at each end. Only one dowel remains. The base has an extra dowel hole in one corner, but the lid does not have a hole that corresponds with it. The bottom part has most of its base missing, probably the result of termite infestation. The coffin has no inscription remaining but possibly the trace of a 'sw' sign on the lid. The coffin is probably from the 1898–1899 excavations at Dra Abu el–Naga that were funded by the 5th Marquess of Northhampton, and led by Percy Newberry. The catalogue card says the object is assciated with two wooden stick shabti figures and evacuation list (no. 1350) says "wooden coffin and shawabti".