Shabti of Ahmose


The present shabti is mummiform in shape, and is rather crudely carved. The head does not wear a wig. The face has very small eyes indicated by tiny incised dots at the ends of a horizontal cut on the bridge of the nose. The sides of the nose itself are very gently suggested with vertical cuts, and the mouth is merely a short horizontal cut in the wood that also denotes the bottom of the nose. The buttocks of the figure are faintly defined in the modelling, and the mid–torso of the figure protrudes forward quite considerably. The feet are not modelled, although they could be missing because the bottom of the figure is somewhat damaged. The shabti has two rows of hieratic inscription added in black that is written lengthwise along the sides, with a vertical column on the back. The owner is named as Ah–mose, followed by a version of Chapter 6 of the Book of the Dead. Transliteration and translation of the inscription:i SAwAb.ty ipn ip.t(w) IaH-ms m Xrt.nTr kA ??? r Xnt Say r mk (w)i kA.k "O, these shabtis of Ah–mose, there in the realm of the dead ??? to ferry sand of the west to the east, here I am when you call." Probably from the 1898/9 season of excavations of the 5th Marquess of Northampton's expedition, led by Percy Newberry.