Shabti of Amenhotep III card

Shabti of Amenhotep III


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Mummiform shabti of the 18th dynasty pharaoh Amenhotep III. The legs and head are lost with remains of a beard still visible. Arms crossed right over left on the chest with hands clenched and the left holds a heqa crook and the right a nekhekh flail carved in high relief. Six vertical columns of incised hieroglyphs picked out in blue give the shabti spell. Translation of the inscription: [Spell for] causing a shabti to work [for the revered, the Osiris, the King of Upper Egypt, Neb–Maat–Re, justified, in the God’s Land. O gods who are at the side] of the Lord of the Universe and who sit at his orders, remember [me, so that you will pronounce his name, and that you will give him the Evening meal which is at the] forefront; and when you hear all his supplications [in the district of Poker, when he celebrates the Wag–feast.] May one be present for the Osiris, the King of Upper Egypt, Amen–hotep, Ruler of Thebes, justified, [to cultivate the fields, to irrigate the river banks,] to transport by boat the sand of the east [to the west, may one remember the Osiris, the King of Upper Egypt, Neb–Maat–Re, justified] to be present for the Osiris, [Amen–hotep, Ruler of Thebes, justified.]