Shabti of Ankh-ef-en-bastet card

Shabti of Ankh-ef-en-bastet

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Mummiform shabti wearing a short bag wig with a sashed headband tied at the back. The shabti has a triangular section hanging pendant at the back of the wig. The hands meet on the chest, and the right hand holds a hoe. The right hand also holds a shoulder strap for a basket that is painted behind the left shoulder but has completely faded except for a faint loop where the strap was attached to the basket. The shabti has a vertical column of inscription naming the owner as Ankh–ef–en–Bastet. Excavated by John Garstang for the Egyptian Research Account. John Garstang, El Arabah: A Cemetery of the Middle Kingdom; Survey of the Old Kingdom Temenos; Graffiti from the Temple of Sety (London, 1901)