Shabti of Ankh–ef–(en)–khonsu



Green glaze ‘overseer’ shabti wearing a tripartite wig although the rear lappet is not indicated in the modelling. Breasts are modelled below the front lappets of the wig. The usual pose for an ‘overseer’ shabti is to have one arm held across the chest, and the other hanging by the side of the body. However, on this example the arms are crossed right over left, and hold a pair of hoes, the same as shown on the worker shabtis. This suggests a possible modification to make a worker into an ‘overseer’ by applying a projecting kilt to the front of the body. A vertical column of hieroglyphs on the front of the legs below the projecting apron names the owner Ankh–ef–(en)–Khonsu. From the excavations of John Garstang at Abydos, 1907. Transliteration and translation of the inscription: Wsir anx.f-(n)-xns.w mAa-xrw, “The Osiris, Ankh–ef–(en)–Khonsu, justified”.