Shabti of Divine Adoratrice Henuttawy

LL 5488


Bright blue glazed faience shabti for the Divine Adoratrice Henuttawy of the 21st- 22nd Dynasty, Mummiform appearance with details added in black, carrying a hoe in each hand and a seedbag on the back, with six horizontal rows of text wrapping around the body, reading "The illuminated one, the Osiris, the Divine Adoratrice, Henuttawy, she speaks: 'O these shabty!'", and continuing with a form of the standard text from Chapter Six of the Book of the Dead. It has been suggested that the Divine Adoratrice Henuttawy was the daughter of Pinudjem II, High Priest of Amun at Thebes, about 990-969 BC and his wife Iset-em-Khebit. Her tomb has not been located and only her shabtis testify her existence - see Glenn Janes, 'Shabtis, a Private View', Paris, 2002, no.58.