Shabti of Djehuty



Mummiform shabti wearing a plain tripartite wig and a plaited divine beard. The front lappets of the wig and the beard are very long. The arms are crossed right over left on the chest, and the hands emerge from a shroud to hold a pick in the left and a hoe in the right. The right hand also holds the rope for a basket carried behind the left shoulder. The rope is twisted on the front of the shabti but untwisted where it is modelled on the back. The face is oval in shape, and the details are simply defined. The shabti is supported by a dorsal pillar, and it stands upon a trapezoidal base. A horizontal notch at the top of the dorsal pillar defines the lower edge of the rear lappet of the wig. Transliteration and translation of the inscription: sHD Wsir Hm-nTr sS DHw.ty mAa-xrw ms (n) wDA.t, "The Osiris, the God’s Servant and Scribe, Djehuty, justified, born to Wedjat". CONDITION NOTE 1998: Surface loss, worn, label adhered, surface dirt. Measurements from top of the base, so height is not complete.