Shabti of Hor–sa–isis



Mummiform shabti wearing a plain tripartite wig and a plaited divine beard. The arms are crossed right over left above the waist, and the hands emerge from a shroud to hold a pick in the left and a hoe in the right. The right hand also holds the rope for a basket that is carried behind the left shoulder. The face is summarily worked. The shabti is supported by a dorsal pillar, and stands upon a trapezoidal base. The body of the figure has seven horizontal bands of rather crudely incised inscription giving the owner’s name as Hor–sa–Isis, followed by Chapter 6 of the Book of the Dead. The inscription ends before the usual version of the Chapter is completed. Transliteration and translation of the inscription: sHd Wsir Hr-sA-As.t mw.t.f (tA)-di(.t)-Hr Dd.f i [wSb].ty ipn ir Wsir Hr-sA-As.t r kA(.t) nb(.t) ir im m Xr.t-nTr ist Hw sDb.w im (m) s r Xrt.f m(.k) wi r nw nb ir(.t) im r sx.t r smH.y wDb.w, "The illuminated one, the Osiris, Hor–sa–Isis, his mother, (Ta)– di(.t)–Hor, he speaks: O, these shabtis, if one counts the Osiris, Hor–sa–Isis to do all the works to be done there in the realm of the dead – now indeed obstacles are implanted therewith – as a man at his duties – ‘here I am,’ you shall say when you are counted off at any time to serve there, to cultivate the fields, to irrigate the river banks". CONDITION NOTE 1998: Worn, surface dirt, salts, previous repair, label adhered.