Shabti of Irynofret



Mummiform shabti wearing a tripartite wig painted greenish–black. The lappets are quite long. The arms are crossed above the waist, and the hands are faintly outlined in greenish–black on a yellow ground that extends around the sides and back of the upper torso of the shabti. Implements do not appear to be carried, either in the hands or on the back. A thin greenish– black curved line on the outside of the right arm is perhaps all that remains of a wesekh–collar that was painted across the arms and chest. The face is round, and shows simply carved details. Eyes with brows are painted in black although the colour is very faded. The lower torso of the shabti is painted greenish–black upon which an inscription is added in yellow. Much of the inscription is worn away but sufficient remains to give the name of the owner as Iry–nofret, followed by Chapter 6 of the Book of the Dead. Transliteration and translation of the inscription: sHD [Wsir] .... Iry-nfr.t .... n srwD sxt is Hw sDb.w ? Iry-nfr.t, "The illuminated one, [the Osiris], …. Iry–nofret, …. to cultivate the fields, now indeed obstacles ?? Iry–nofret".