Shabti of Iset–em–khebit


Blue glazed shabti with the wig and beard are glazed black. The arms are crossed on the chest, and the hands hold a pair of hoes faintly indicated in shallow relief. Down the front is an incised inscription in hieroglyphs giving the name Iset–em–Khebit. This is one of only 37 inscribed shabtis from a total of 370 buried with Iset–em–Khebit in a tomb excavated by Mace during excavations at Abydos in the 1899–1900 season. Iset-em–Khebit was the daughter of the 25th Dynasty Kushite king Shabaka. Transliteration and translation of the inscription: As.t-m-Ax-bi.t, “Iset–em–Khebit”. There are four shabtis of Iset–em–khebit in World Museum's collection (;; 56.5.74; 56.21.49). CONDITION NOTE 1998: Concretions, worn, surface dirt.