Shabti of Iset–em–khebit



Blue glazed shabti with the wig and beard are glazed black. The arms are crossed on the chest, and the hands hold a pair of hoes faintly indicated in shallow relief. This is one of the 333 uninscribed shabtis (only 37 were inscribed) from Iset–em–Khebit's tomb excavated by Mace for the Egypt Exploration Fund during excavations at Abydos in the 1899–1900 season. Iset–em–Khebit was the daughter of the 25th Dynasty Kushite king Shabaka. On modern mount labelled "Ushabti XX Dynasty 1200 B.C." and on the back "E". There are four shabtis of Iset–em–khebit in World Museum's collection (;; 56.5.74; 56.21.49).