Shabti of Isetemkhebit



Mummiform shabti wearing a plain tripartite wig painted black. The rear lappet is quite short. The arms are crossed on the chest, and the hands hold a pair of hoes that are crudely added in black. A large and crudely painted square basket with square– hatching is carried on the back of the figure. The face is poorly modelled, but has the eyes summarily added in black. A vertical column of inscription on the front of the shabti names the owner as Iset–em–Khebit. Shabtis for this owner are from the Second Cache, also known as the ‘Priest's of Amen Cache,’ at Thebes, Deir el– Bahari. There are four types of shabtis for Iset–em–Khebit, small ones like the present example, taller ones, and ‘overseers’ in both sizes. The taller and similar ‘overseer’ shabtis sometimes give the title of Lady of the House, with some also having the title Chantress of Amun. The smaller ‘overseers’ have a tiny projecting apron, probably added as a modification to worker shabtis. The coffins for Iset–em–Khebit, which were usurped from Iwes–en–Mut, are in Cairo (JE 29671) together with her funerary papyrus (JE 95657). On these she has the additional title of ‘Chantress of Amen–Re, King of the Gods.’ Other objects belonging to Iset–em–Khebit, which are noted by Daressy, include an Osiris cloth, a lead embalmer’s plaque, a lead hawk pectoral, a basalt scarab, and a necklace comprising two djed–pillars, and single heart and Thoth amulets. A shabti box is also recorded. This is presumably in Cairo Museum but the inventory number is not known. Transliteration and translation of the inscription: Wsir As.t-m-Ax-bi.t, "The Osiris, Iset–em–Khebit".