Shabti of Pa-hem-neter


Mummiform shabti wearing a plain tripartite wig with a seshed headband tied at the back added in black. The arms are crossed above the waist, and the hands hold a pair of hoes added in black. A large rectangular basket with a square–hatched detail and shoulder straps is painted on the back. The face is poorly defined. A vertical column of inscription on the front of the figure names the owner as Pa–hem–neter, although this is very indistinct. Transliteration and translation of the inscription: Wsir it-nTr n Imn it-nTr n xns.w PA-Hm-nTr mAa-xrw, "The Osiris, the God’s Father of Amun, the God’s Father of Khonsu, Pa–hem–neter, justified". Inscription is recorded by Newberry on the catalogue card. Excavated by John Garstang for the Egyptian Research Account. John Garstang, El Arabah: A Cemetery of the Middle Kingdom; Survey of the Old Kingdom Temenos; Graffiti from the Temple of Sety (London, 1901)