Shabti of Padi–amun–em–opet



This is one of four fragments from shabtis for the same owner, Pa–di–Amun–(em)–Opet. These comprise a head, a mid torso fragment, the lower legs and feet, and the upper part from four figures. The head is fairly typical of the iconography found on some parallel examples of smaller shabtis for Pa–di–Amun–(em)–Opet. The tripartite wig is fairly voluminous, and is worn high on the head to leave the forehead exposed. The overall shape of the face is oval. The eyes are comparatively small and almond– shaped. The ears are simply worked and disproportionately large. The mouth is gently smiling. The chin does not sport a beard. The lack of the beard in particular lends to the identification of the head as being for Pa–di–Amun–(em)–Opet. He was the only person from a group of illustrious nobles from this period not to have a beard on any of his shabtis. Traces of dark blue-green glaze on stone.