Shabti of Pay



White/cream coloured glaze faience mummiform shabti wearing a plain tripartite wig painted black except for the lower ends of the lappets that are unpainted. The arms are crossed right over left above the waist, and the hands carry a pair of hoes. The arms and hands are outlined in brownish black. Bracelets are indicated on the wrists, and a wesekh–collar is painted across the chest. The face is well modelled, and has painted details of the eyes with brows, nostrils and mouth. A vertical column of inscription on the front of the shabti names the owner as Pay. Transliteration and translation of the inscription: sHD Wsir Hry-nbw im.y-r Hm.wt PAy pn, "The illuminated one, the Osiris, the Chief Goldsmith, the Overseer of the Craftsmen, this Pay". Described in the 1870s by the curator Charles Gatty as belonging to "Paipi, Governor of the South".