Shabti of Queen Amun-irdis card

Courtesy of National Museums Liverpool, World Museum

Shabti of Queen Amun-irdis


Currently not on display


A mid torso fragment of a mummiform shabti showing the lower extremities of a plain tripartite wig. The arms are crossed right over left on the chest. No implements or basket are indicated in the modelling. The lower half of the fragment has three horizontal bands of somewhat crudely incised inscription naming the owner as Amun–ir–dis. Amun–ir–dis was a daughter of Kushite king Kashta and his wife Pebatjama. She was heir to Shepenwepet I as the God’s Wife, a position of supreme religious authority that gave her control over the vast temple of Karnak. Amun–ir–dis was possibly buried in a funerary chapel at Medinet Habu, which is perhaps where this fragmentary shabti figure originated.