Shabti of Queen Ked-meret



Faience mummiform shabti wearing a plain tripartite wig with a seshed headband tied at the back added in black. A crude uraeus is modelled on the forehead. The arms are crossed above the waist, and the hands hold a pair of hoes added in black. A basket with shoulder straps is crudely painted on the back. The face issimply defined. Eyes with brows are added in black. A vertical column of inscription on the front reads, “The Osiris, the Divine Adoratrice, Ked–mer–et”. The owner’s name is shown in a cartouche. As a Divine Adoratrice, Ked–meret was an important lady at Thebes, although she is only known from her shabtis. These were found during the excavations undertaken by James Quibell at the Ramesseum in 1896.