Shabti of Sety I



Mummiform shabti wearing a quite well carved plain tripartite wig (rear lappet is damaged) worn low on the forehead. The face is fairly round in shape. The eyes are poorly defined. The nose is broad and rubbed. The ears are quite large and comparatively well modelled. The arms are crossed right over left above the waist but lack definition. The body is fairly broad, slender in profile, and the buttocks are faintly defined. The feet are missing. Most of the varnish remains. Sandy encrustation on the back. The shabti is uninscribed, carved from wood and coated with black resin. Label stuck on the back but the writing is not well preserved and half of the label is gone "From ..." Part of a small group of objects from the William Hood collection, found at Nettleham Hall in a box after the sale of his collection at Sotheby's 11 November 1924. Purchased by Norwich Castle Museum in 1940 and then sold to Liverpool's collection in 1956.