Shabti of Sety I



Wooden mummiform shabti wearing a plain tripartite wig rudimentarily carved. The face is fairly round in shape. The eyes are fairly well defined. The nose is quite small. The ears are simply modelled. The arms are crossed but lack definition. The body is fairly broad and the buttocks are not defined. The varnish is fairly patchy. The shabti is uninscribed, carved from wood and coated with black resin. No hieroglyphic inscription but an old label attached to the rear of the body reads: "Found in the Tomb at Setei Menepththah". Another label, now detached, reads “Presented by Belzoni to Mrs Henrietta Gurney. Found in the tomb of Setei Menepeththah”. Formerly in the collection of Henrietta Gurney and recorded as having been discovered by Giovani Belzoni. Presented to Norwich Castle Museum by Mr William C. Ewing, 1925.