Shabti of Sety I card

Courtesy of National Museums Liverpool, World Museum

Shabti of Sety I


Currently not on display


Mummiform shabti inscribed with the throne name of the pharaoh Sety I, Menmmatra, within a cartouche and with the 6th Chapter of the Book of the Dead. An old label attached below the rear lappet of the wig reads, “Ra-men-ma. 1887. Thebes”. The shabti wears a simply carved tripartite wig. Face is poorly worked with eyes barely existent. Nose rubbed off. Ears simply defined. Arms are clearly crossed right over left. Only scant traces of a black resinous varnish remain; hieroglyphs are filled with the varnish.Six lines of reasonably distinct hieroglyphs read, “The illuminated one, the Osiris, the King, Men–Maat–Re,justified, he speaks: O, shabtis, if one reckons, ? Seti, Beloved (of) Ptah, justified, to do all the works that are to be done there in the realm of the dead – to cultivate the fields, to irrigate the river banks, to transport by boat the sand of the east to the west – now indeed, obstacles are implanted there, as for a man to work, ‘here I am’ at any time. Purchased by W. Talbot Ready on 13 July 1903; Purchased by F. C. Danson 30 October 1903.