Shabti of Tent-hor card

Courtesy of National Museums Liverpool, World Museum

Shabti of Tent-hor


Currently not on display


Pottery with details added in black (now faded). Mummiform shabti wearing a plain tripartite wig with some traces of black paint. The arms are crossed on the chest but any details of implements or a basket are not discernable. The face is crudely–modelled, the only noticeable features being shallow depressions for the eyes. The shabti has a flat back. Although without a clearly legible inscription this and another shabti [no. 1967.195.3] are recorded as being for Tent–Hor. A title of Singer of Amen is given on the label attached to the front of this and the other shabti. From the Egypt Exploration Fund excavations at Abydos, North Cemeteries: Cemetery D, Tomb 32 (1900-1901 season).