Shabti of Wer–neray



Mummiform shabti wearing a plain tripartite wig painted black. The arms are crossed right over left on the chest. No implements are shown and there is no basket on the back. The right arm is outlined in red, and there is a thick red line painted between the front lappets of the wig that suggests the upper strand of a wesekh–collar being worn across the chest. The face is simply modelled. The eyes and brows (?) are added in black although the paint is very faded. Thick red lines are painted on the back and sides of the body, itself being painted in white. A vertical column of inscription is added in black on the front of the shabti naming the owner as Wer–neray. Transliteration and translation of the inscription: s[HD] Wsir nb.t-pr Wr-nry, "[The illuminated one], the Osiris, the Lady of the House, Wer–neray".