Shrine Fragment



Part of a door jamb from a shrine carved from Egyptian alabaster, inscribed in sunk relief on three sides. The vertical text contains two cartouches, one full and one broken, with the name of King Amenhotep Hekawaset (III). On one side the Horus name of the king was written but only the bottom of the serekh frame still remains. One side reads: ... the Son of Re, Amenhotep hekawaset [ruler of Thebes] (beloved of) Hathor ... Purchased at Sotheby's, London, 12-17 July 1911 (Hilton Price collection). Marked in ink "E.6"; round sticker with "HP 516"; rectangular sticker with black print "194" and underneath written in black ink "/3"; elipse sticker with red print "2045".The catalogue of Hilton-Price's collection indicates that it is from Bubastis, along with one other piece, no. 2046, also described as "part of a monument" in limestone with two vertical lines of hieroglyphs in relief (330 x 270 mm). On the museum record card the provenance of El Arabah has also been suggested. Compare with a shrine of Tuthmose III from el-Kab in the Fitzwilliam Museum (no. E.40.1902).