Sign, 'Merseyside BLM Alliance. Black Lives Matter. No Peace No Justice'



People from across Liverpool came together on 2 and 13 June 2020 outside of St George’s Hall to peacefully protest against racism and the murder of George Floyd in America. Powerful calls for equality inspired the large assembled crowds to create the change that they want to see in the world. To represent and amplify those voices, the Museum of Liverpool appealed for people to donate their placards and stories. This placard was carried by Chantelle Lunt, founder of Merseyside Black Lives Matter Alliance she explains more, “The Black community has been beaten down by racism for too long. My placard is a rallying cry to my disenfranchised brothers and sisters. A reminder that our voices and our unity give us power. I founded Merseyside Black Lives Matter Alliance as a means of taking back my power by fighting for racial equality. It is an online community and educational toolkit for the Black community and our allies to help keep up the momentum around BLM and bring about real change."