Signal Posts on the Mersey

WAG 9769


A view from Liverpool over the River Mersey to the Wirral, with the ship on the right presumably sailing out to the Irish Sea. Nicholas Pocock became a master of a merchant ship by the age of 26. During his time at sea, he became skilled at making ink and wash sketches of ships and coastal scenes for his logbooks. Later he became a self-taught painter in oils and watercolours. Pocock is known for his many detailed paintings of naval battles. These evolved from extensive research, including eyewitness accounts of weather and wind conditions, as well as the appearance of the ships. He was appointed Marine Painter to King George. Engravings of Liverpool after Pocock's drawings were published in 1798 by J. Matthew. These were 'Liverpool from the Channel below the Rock', and 'Liverpool from Woodside' by F. Chesham.