Silver teaspoon from RMS Lusitania



Silver souvenir teaspoon with Cunard Line crest on the end of the handle and the ship's name 'Lusitania' inscribed on the bowl. It belonged to George Knill who was 16 years old and employed as a Sculleryman on board Lusitania when it was sunk. George Knill joined Lusitania’s crew as a sculleryman in April 1915, aged 16. He bought this silver teaspoon and also snuffbox on board. George survived and later met and married Mary Blythyn, daughter of Smokeroom Steward Robert Blythyn, who perished in the sinking. George and Robert never met during their time on Lusitania. George died in 1931, aged 32, at Greenwich Seaman’s Hospital in a Lusitania-endowed bed.