Six Figures Seated around a Fire

WAG 2137


William Roscoe catalogued the drawing as Donatello, but it had been attributed to Bandinelli when in the Spencer collection. While close to Bandinelli's style, the mechanical care with which the lines are drawn suggests that it is a copy of a drawing by Bandinelli, completed by one of his pupils. Two figures on the far right are only in outlines. The other four are made of three female figures and one male who seems to be addressing the two outlined women on the right, while the woman on the far left is fiercely staring at him in an accusatorial manner. The third figure from left is stoking the fire. The figures are arranged in a frieze-like format, suggesting that the drawing may have been intended for a sculpted reliefs. Shading is achieved through parallel and cross hatchings, with striking contrast between light and dark in some areas.