The Skein (The Liver Sketching Club)

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James Pelham the Younger is sometimes referred to as James Pelham III. James Pelham III was the son of James Pelham II, a well-regarded silhouette artist, and the grandson of James Pelham, a painter of miniatures. He studied art at Liverpool Collegiate where he received an honourable mention for figure drawing from the cast and further mentions for drawing from memory, model drawing and perspective. Pelham specialised in landscapes, genre and angling subjects in watercolour. He exhibited at the Royal Academy in 1880 and elsewhere in London between 1865 and 1881. Nearer to home, he exhibited at the Liverpool Academy from 1858 and, in 1867, he succeeded his father as Secretary of the Liverpool Academy. Pelham was also Treasurer and Secretary of the Liverpool Watercolour Society and he was a member of the Liverpool Sketch Club, not to be confused with the Liver Sketching Club.