A Sleek Dry Yell card

A Sleek Dry Yell

CASSF 2013.01

On display


Installation and sound artwork comprising 37 items, including a mixture of found objects, technical equipment, lights, a water pump speakers and copper coins. The water pump comprises one of the many features which sets off in a relay- reaction; the water pours over a circuit board conducting electricity between two wires which are connected to a keyboard and causes its keys to play sound. The sounds that can be heard from the piece as a whole are a mixture of the water falling into the bucket, the realys clicking on and off repeatedly and feedback from electrricity passing through an LED clock. Mirza has composed a group of sounds which form a short loop and creates a rythm which, punctuated by the coins bouncing on and off the speaker, appears to have taken on a life of its own, the coins pulstating like a heartbeat. Mirza collaborated with Richard Strange (Doctors of Madness) who wrote the piece 'A Sleek Dry Yell', which he is filmed performing with a megaphone. Strange has kept this megaphone and brings this to perfom the piece live for audiences when the work is installed in a new venue.