Snot Rap record



Comedian and DJ Kenny Everett’s single ‘Snot Rap’, performed in character as ageing Hell’s Angel Sid Snot, reached number 8 in the charts in 1983. Everett was born in Seaforth, Liverpool in 1944. He began his career on the pirate radio stations of the late 1960s before moving to Radio 1 and Capital Radio. He was the first radio DJ to play Strawberry Fields Forever and famously played ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ on his radio show 14 times in two days prior to its eventual release by Queen’s record company. He had a complex relationship with his sexuality. He publicly came out as a gay man in a 1985 newspaper interview, a couple of years after his marriage had ended in divorce. His TV comedy shows including the Kenny Everett Video Show and the Kenny Everett Television Show drew huge audiences in the late 1970s and 1980s. He won a BAFTA for the Kenny Everett Video Show and a Gold award at the Sony Radio Awards for Outstanding Contribution to Radio. Everett’s wide-ranging career also included editing two of The Beatles Fan Club Christmas records and voicing Charley the cat in the much loved ‘Charley Says’ 1970s safety information films.