Son of Horus Amulet


Flat-backed faience amulet in the shape of one of the Four Sons of Horus. It is difficult to determine whether this is baboon-headed god Hapi, the falcon-headed god Qebehsenuef or jackal-headed god Duamutef. Pierced at both ends to allow for stitching to the mummy bandages or sewn onto an elaborate bead net placed over the mummy. Together with a winged scarab the Four Sons of Horus amulets would offer magical protection helping the dead to be reborn in the afterlife. CONDITION NOTE 1998: Surface loss, surface dirt, discolouration, chipped, worn. Register: Beads, winged scarab and four Genii. H.93. XXII-XXV dynasties, Hissayeh. Catalogue card: Figure of genii in blue faience, 55 mm. Three of a set of the four genii in blue faience. c. 61 mm. A few cylindrical blue faience beads, very poor technique. Hissayeh. Fair technique. Faded preservation.