Son of Horus Amulet


Flat-backed faience amulet in the shape of the baboon-headed god Hapi, who was one of the Four Sons of Horus. Pierced at both ends to allow for stitching to the mummy bandages or sewn onto an elaborate bead net placed over the mummy. Together with a winged scarab the Four Sons of Horus amulets would offer magical protection helping the dead to be reborn in the afterlife. Different design to the other three in this group ( CONDITION NOTE 1998: Surface loss, surface dirt, discolouration, chipped, worn. Register: Beads, winged scarab and four Genii. H.93. XXII-XXV dynasties, Hissayeh. Catalogue card: Figure of genii in blue faience, 55 mm. Three of a set of the four genii in blue faience. c. 61 mm. A few cylindrical blue faience beads, very poor technique. Hissayeh. Fair technique. Faded preservation.