Soup Jar



An elaborately decorated damascened soup jar, probably used for ceremonial occasions and passed down through generations. The cylindrical body is divided into two registers (with four panels in each), with fine silver wire inlaid to create a swirling vine pattern; at the centre of each is one of the Eight Buddhist Emblems. Each panel is bordered with a pattern of linked circles, again in silver. Raised bands of iron encircle the body at the bottom, centre and rim of the jug, each filled with bands of the same pattern of half-linked circles but here damascened in gold. Eight hour glass-shaped panels divide the two registers vertically, each filled with relief scrolling foliage around the Eight Buddhist Emblems damascened in gold. The hinged lid is finished with a gold lotus pinned to the main fabric of the lid. There are two sets of handles, a pair of square lug handled sit above, what appear to be the original looped handles. To this is attached a leather strap.