Spouted Jar



Bag-shaped jar with flat base, recurved rim and spout. Compare with Predynastic Pottery Corpus F.58 and Anna Wodzíńska, 'A Manual of Egyptian Pottery Volume 1' (Boston, 2009) Naqada II 28, p. 130. From the British School of Archaeology in Egypt 1910-11 excavations at Gerzeh directed by Sir Flinders Petrie (tomb number not recorded). Wellcome Historical Medical Museum registration number 54/1956 [4626]: Pot. Reddish-brown pottery; with crude spout; probably Early Dynastic. (Spout has been repaired). Purchased from Mrs Bushe-Fox, widow of Mr Bushe-Fox who was with Sir Flinders Petrie in 1909 and 1911. Joscelyn Plunkett Bushe-Fox (1880-1954) a British archaeologist and from 1920 Chief Inspector of Ancient Monuments. In his early years worked as an artist for the British School of Archaeology in Egypt (1909-1911). He acquired a small range of archaeological finds from this time, at sites including Gezeh and Memphis. Following his death his wife, Cicely, sold his collection of antiquities to the Wellcome Historical Medical Museum in December 1955.